Fire Warden / Fire Marshall

The employees who are designated to undertake the role of Fire Marshal or Fire Warden will need to complete a more advanced course than that of basic fire awareness. Considering that it will be the job of these employees to provide assistance with evacuation, fire mitigation and ensuring the safety of critical staff members, their training will be considerably more complex.

The good news is that not all the employees of a company have to be trained as Fire Wardens or Fire Marshalls. In general, the number of staff who require this advanced fire safety training depends on the total number of people on the premises. To put it simply, you will normally have to designate reasonable amount of  Fire Warden/Fire Marshall for your workers. However, additional factors including the propensity of work-related fire accidents, the dimensions of the building, the number of regular visitors, etc. should also be taken into account.


All staff members who successfully complete the basic training and those who qualify as Fire Marshalls/Fire Wardens will receive a legal certification attesting their competence. The certificate is only awarded to those who successfully pass the final test that determines the level of understanding of fire safety protocols.

Retraining the personnel

Because after the training your personnel will not be confronted with fires on a daily basis, the knowledge as well as the skills accumulated during the training period will begin to fade. Therefore, in order to maintain competence in the field of fire safety, the training classes should be taken on an annual basis.